Collection: TYR Tactical

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Ballistic Accessory - Bicep/Deltoid Upper Arm Protection
COMA Jungle Yoke, Bungee
Communications Pouch - PRC-152 Drop-Down/Tilt-Out Radio
Direct Action Zip On Platform 50 oz. Hydration - MOLLE
Escape and Evasion - Bag
Combat Adjustable Mag Pouch
EPIC™ Low Vis Carrier - MOLLE
Ballistic Accessory - MV Groin
Medical Pouch - Small Cutaway IFAK, Vertical
PICO-DS Assaulters Plate Carrier
Rough Low Vis Carrier - PICO-MV
PICO-MV Assaulters Plate Carrier
Ballistic Accessory - BALCS Groin
Ballistic Accessory - Lower Abdomen Platform
PICO-Aussie Assaulters Plate Carrier
Ordnance/ Breaching Pouch - Small Flashlight
Ordnance/ Breaching Pouch - Leatherman MUT Multi-Tool
Ordnance/ Breaching Pouch - Charge Bag
Gunfighter™ Modular Assaulters Belt - MAB
General Purpose Pouch - Large 6” x 12” Upright
General Purpose Pouch Jungle - Medium
Ordnance/ Breaching Pouch - Hard Breaching Tool Holder
General Purpose Pouch DK Large 8"x 9“ - FR Multicam
General Purpose Pouch - Small 5"x 5”
Pistol Mag Pouch Adjustable
Huron™ Light Weight Assault Pack - 5-Day
Huron Pistol Pouch
Escape and Evasion - Large Utility Pouch
Combat Suspenders
Gunfighter™ Belt-E, Rigger Style